Polka the Ladybird

Introducing Polka, the stylish ladybird.

Choose from a selection of hardshell and soft cabin sized trolley cases, back packs and string bags. See images below for a style to suit all children. 

Please note, all our hard shell products come with a protective film on, which needs to be peeled off to reveal a HIGH GLOSS FINISH.
Product Images
Hard shell Case & BackpackLiningHard shell CaseRyanairHard shell BackpackBackpack reverseSoft Trolley CaseSchool BackpackrucksackNursery BackpackShoulder BagString BagFoldable BackpackLadybird shoulder bag styledLadybird Backpack styledNursery Backpack styledRita Ora
Case Specs

The Facts behind our Cutie Cases.

All our 2 wheeled cases are made from an ABS / Polycarbonated mix, giving a high gloss, hard shell finish, which give strength to protect belongings inside, but is lightweight to help meet those airline restrictions. They also come with our logo designed inner lining with garment straps, zipper compartment, dual opening zips which can be locked and adjustable, 2 station, telescopic pulling handle.

The "Cuties and Pals" backpacks are also made from a ABS / Polycarbonated mix, with a nylon soft inside and adjustable arm straps. They also have our logo designed inner lining with an elasticated storage pouch on side and a zipper compartment on the other.

Inside the cases
Penguin Case

17" Case
Capacity - 26.5 Ltrs
Weight - 2kgs
Dimentions - 46 x 31 x 25 cm

13" Backpack
Capacity - 13.5 Ltrs
Weight - 1kg
Dimentions - 32 x 27 x 13 cm

Our quality ensures your children will be able to enjoy their cutie for years to come